The future has never been brighter

The church may be facing major changes – yet its message is timeless. As times get darker, we are the light.
Church Resopurces is here to help you keep abreast of technology by supplying you with
products and services to help you successfully manage your church.


  • Church websites

    Affordable, non-template church websites – all for a low monthly cost. Learn More

  • Blogging sites

    Helping pastors connect with their church members – and the greater Christian community. Learn More

  • Church branding

    Initiate Agency is a church design and branding specialist, working with churches globally. Learn More

  • Pastor publishing

    As a pastor and speaker, adding books to your quiver of skills fits like hand and glove. Global Christian publisher Ark House can get you published with ease. Learn More

  • Online Giving

    Our online giving platform lets your church members give – at any time, and any place. Learn More

  • Church Live

    Having your church’s services streamed live, as well as archived, is now as simple as just $99 per month – with unlimited streaming and viewers. Learn More

  • Post Production

    If your recorded message needs a professional intro, edit and close, our team of pro’s will ensure your content is of the highest. Learn More

  • Podcasting & Ministry TV Promotion

    On-demand TV channel Channel C supports ministries with greater ministry TV or podcasting promotion. Learn More

  • Church Staff

    My Christian Daily Jobs is free to list, so you can source church staff – on us. Learn More

  • Print Management

    My Print Warehouse manages the print capabilities of a wide range of churches. Take the hassle out of your printing requirements. Learn More

  • Church Insurance

    Initiate Church App is the first of its kind. Focused on creating church community, it’s the What’s App of your church communication. Learn More

  • Church Today

    Church Today provides content for pastors to help them keep up to date with today’s church trends. Healthy churches are our mission. Learn More



We love the church. And we love technology. We make it easy for you to access a range of church products – with one contact point. So no need to liaise with multiple suppliers. The 20th Century church needs technology at its forefront, and Church Resources is here to partner with you.

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